Building Process Models

Hey everyone, we recently released HASH’s Process Modeling Library!

Libraries collect a set of behaviors that allow you to easily build certain types of models, or agents. Process models allow you to represent systems or organizations which perform sequences of tasks. By chaining together delays, resource usages, and other blocks representing real-life tasks and events, you can simulate processes such as assembly lines, company workflows, and supply chains.

Building process models allows you to answer questions about your system. They can help you improve resource allocation, reduce cycle-time, and identify other optimizations that can be made to your organization or system. This is especially effective when used alongside HASH’s Experiments to explore multiple scenarios and configurations.

The HASH docs have detailed documentation on building Process Models in HASH. Let us know what you build with it!

Hi Nur, Firstly, congrats for the Process Models library.
Second might there be a ‘Hello World’ example for this . Unless I missed it, I saw there was one in the repo but it might not be fully functional yet when I tried to run it. ie No init file etc.
This actually comes just in time I can use this. Currently I am building solution using SimPy. Its fine but if staff and leadership can SEE, I think it will be better.
A basic example to work off will be great. Again, well done.


Hi Alon,

In the Process Modeling Library there should be a working example. The init.json file defines a working model of a pizza shop, and if you switch to the Analysis tab you should see plots updating as the process model runs. If you’re not seeing the init.json file or the plots, please let me know.

Glad to know that it’s a feature you’re excited about! In the future we’ll be implementing behaviors which visualize the process model in the 3D Viewer as well.

We’re always happy to schedule some office hours and troubleshoot and demonstrate the process library, and I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have after testing out the library.


We also now have a “Hello Process Models” simulation, as you suggested. You can find four simple examples initialized in this simulation.

Thanks for the suggestion, and good luck with the modeling!