HASH's Mission to Eliminate Information Failure

We’ve just posted a few words about HASH, and why we believe what we’re building is so important to us. We’d love to kick off the conversation around that mission here.

Well I’m an employee at HASH so I do have thoughts about this I could share! :slight_smile:

I like our general handle of “eliminating information failure”, and when I think specifically about what that looks like today, for me, it’s often not that I don’t have the information I need in front of me - Google is really good! - but rather there are limits on my ability to model and think through the consequences of the info I have. For example, a few weeks into the coronavirus lockdown, I was running low on contact lenses, and my prescription was expired, so I couldn’t easily order new ones, and because of the lockdown the optometrists were all closed.* That was a pain, and a totally preventable one.

On reflection I don’t think the failure was that I didn’t have the information, it’s that I couldn’t easily think through the consequences of all of the different facts I knew. The promise of better simulation tech is that we’ll be able to leverage computing power to help us model out all of these far flung scenarios, and that through better collaboration we can work together to create giant, shared models of the world. So that one day soon I can simulate the outcomes of many decisions I could make and be alerted ahead of time to risks or opportunities I alone couldn’t have seen.

*I got creative and ordered contacts from the UK which is shockingly more free than the US in this area.

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