Simulation at maximum speed and stop conditions

I’d like to be able to run simulations at the maximum speed and then stop at a specific step or upon reaching some other condition. How would you suggest to do it in Hash?

tick-interval control goes only up to 2x. What does it mean, exactly? (How many steps per second is it supposed to run?)

Hi @appealtoreason - if you run a simulation it will default execute at the fastest speed it can. Then you can use the playback button to replay the simulation at different speeds.

So the speeds indicate how quickly a replay will occur, but HASH will always execute a simulation initially as fast as it can.

We don’t currently have a way to automatically stop a simulation once a condition has been reached, but it’s a feature request we’re planning on!

In playback the 1x speed should equate to 60fps (everything else is relative to this).